Sunday, January 19, 2020

Deciding to do an intervention is very difficult. You aren’t sure if the intervention will work, or make your situation worse. At Save A Life Executive Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, we understand your anxiety. We have done thousands of interventions and can tell you—it’s the right thing to do!

Without an intervention, the situation will just keep getting worse. Many users actually want to stop but cannot bring themselves to admit their problem openly. Few people have the self-discipline to seek help by themselves. You need to “jump start” the process to recovery by calling professional help. With the experienced professionals at Save A Life Executive Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, the intervention will go smoothly.

Our staff will discuss the specific situation with you to ensure the intervention will go smoothly and be a success. Let us help you! Start living the life you know is possible.

Intervention Specialist


Patty has 16 ½ years’ experience in every kind of addiction related situation possible. She has intervened and then bridged the gap between treatment and recovery thus insuring ever-lasting sobriety. After utilizing her vast array of: resources, networks, and connections, Patty will step in and take over all the aspects and any needs for the person in crisis, or for their loved ones.

With professional, hands-on training and knowledge in the field of addiction, she has touched thousands of lives that have been forever changed for the better. She specializes in custom, unique, and individualized treatment plans that are tailored to fit the life-style and needs of every client. Call 714-654-2325.