Monday, February 17, 2020
Executive Activities

At Save A Life Executive Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, we know that, as a person with great success at work, you are used to a certain way of life. We offer all of our clients a wide variety of activities to keep you busy and having fun.


We specialize in treating executives, CEOs, and professionals in other high-powered jobs. Oftentimes, a common denominator for people in these jobs is that they enjoy playing golf with coworkers, colleagues, and potential business partners. When you come to Save a Life, we offer executive golf as one of our main attractions! We offer Executive Golf, our specialty, at some of the most prestigious golf courses in Southern California. Get out on the green and improve your game while you stay with us.

Additionally, we offer deep sea fishing as one of our many available activities. Get your sea legs and enjoy the calm waters of the Pacific Ocean as you free your mind while trying to reel in a big catch! Our fishing guides will take you out on the beautiful deep blue sea to teach and train you how to deep sea fish. Fishing promotes tranquility, peacefulness, and patience.

We also offer horseback riding on the beach. Especially great for couples in treatment, everyone can enjoy a ride on these majestic animals. We also offer nature hikes, bike riding, surfing, skimboarding, and so much more.

You don’t need to sacrifice your lifestyle to be in treatment. In many cases, these amenities actually enhance your lifestyle in a positive way! At Save A Life Executive Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, we are ranked highest in executive clientele satisfaction.

When you come to our facility, you will feel like you are on a vacation, not in a rehab. That is what we pride ourselves on, offering you the best and most luxurious facility with all the extra amenities. Call or text, today, and we can get you placed in a private room today! 714-654-2325.