Sunday, January 19, 2020
Bring Your Phone & Laptop

At Save A Life Executive Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center, we let you bring your phone, laptop, and any other electronic device that you need to get work done. This is part of our commitment to you and your individual needs. We know your career is important, and even in recovery, you still have a job to do. Therefore, bring your electronics with you and you will have access to all your belongings during your stay with us.

However, you have to understand that our main objective is making sure you are succeeding at your own personal recovery journey. We prefer to reserve the right to periodically monitor your work-related activities, solely to make sure that you aren’t over-working yourself, carrying a workload that’s too heavy, or stressing yourself out with tasks and deadlines.

Your full cooperation in regards to having your workload monitored contributes largely to a successful recovery. The key is finding a healthy balance for your career, your relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself. For more information, please call us at 714-654-2325.